Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This holiday season, some people bake cookies while others buy gifts. I prepare sweet stickers. With the aid of my 7-year-old Powerbook G4, Epson 2200 and a few sheets of labels, I made Petri Design Stickers. Cutting these suckers out was just as fun (without the doughy mess). Some designs are based on drawings made during sketch sessions at Priscilla's Cafe. I'm currently translating some of these into t-shirt designs.

If I regularly meet you in person, you're most likely going to receive at least one of these as a gift of thanks. I hope people will enjoy them. You can stick them anywhere (as long as it doesn't cause any trouble). If peeling the backing off becomes too hard, the whole thing becomes a bookmark.

So 2010 everyone, have a festive and safe new year! Let's look forward to lots of creativity, great ideas and productivity. If you have a bicycle, ride it more often!


  1. Gee, I hope so because I hope to grow more of this stuff! You have creative bones as well! In different mediums!

  2. can you provide a larger size version of that first piece of the line up of characters? I think it'd make a great desktop image.