Friday, July 17, 2009

Designers and Egos

I recently read an article titled "Concerning Design Rock Stars" by Eric Karjaluoto. Please read the article. If you're a designer, maybe you can get some insight from it. I completely agree with Eric, that designers do not design for themselves, they design for the people. In my experience with various clients, I've come to realize this very well.

I also agree with Eric about the notion that young designers view graphic design as a glamorous position with fame, money, popularity and non-stop inspiration, but in reality that's not always the case. Yes, some designers become super popular, rich and develop oversized egos. Some are very talented and praised for their accomplishments. I believe that's fine as long as they don't belittle others. Respect for everyone, no matter what level of experience anyone has (designer or not) is still very important.

Graphic designers are creative tools in a team that work with others to meet the goals and project needs of a client. Designers should be very humble, patient, understanding, universal and helpful. They should be willing to adapt to different environments, audiences and technology. Designers should spread the design love and knowledge to others. Not all designers get the crazy projects with all the bells and whistles, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. Even if someone tells me "wow, that sounds like a boring project." It isn't. Design is design and it's always worth it. No matter how large or small, design impacts everyone. I love what I do and there's always room to grow and learn in any task I do. In my personal time I design for myself, but when I work it's for the people.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Web & Graphic Design Resources

I've been bookmarking links from various pros through Twitter. Follow, RSS or visit the sites below if you are interested in front end web development, back end development, CSS, web 2.0, graphic design, tutorials and other design resources. I have hundreds of specific links and will try to post them here, but for now, here are some links (in no particular order):

I should've categorized these but each each site has so many specific topics. Basically every site has a lot of the topics you may be looking for. If you have a link you'd like to share, let me know, I'll post them here. Thanks to the pros (and more counting) I've followed I'm able to share the design love with you.