Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Okonomiyaki For Dinner!

Okonomiyaki (pronounced oh-ko-no-mi-yah-kee) is a Japanese pancake easily made with simple ingredients. O-ko-no-mi means "as you like it" and "ya-ki" means grilled in Japanese. Mainly made with chopped cabbage, pickled ginger, eggs, flour, water and a Japanese root named nagaimo (na-guy-mo). If you can't find nagaimo, that's ok, but it's best to use it since it's the heat and "glue" of this dish.

Extras like like cheese, shrimp, mochi and onions can be used. I used slices of pork as a base topping. The main toppings are okono sauce (a fruit and vegetable sauce), bonito flakes, aonori (a green seaweed powder) and some mayonnaise. Okonomiyaki is pan grilled with a little bit of oil. It's cooked until it is very firm, has dry edges and is not sticky in the inside. It takes experience to flip the pancake back and forth. If the mixture isn't right, the form can break and crumble.
You can customize okonomiyaki with almost any ingredient. It's a great and easy Japanese dish!

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