Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Okonomiyaki For Dinner!

Okonomiyaki (pronounced oh-ko-no-mi-yah-kee) is a Japanese pancake easily made with simple ingredients. O-ko-no-mi means "as you like it" and "ya-ki" means grilled in Japanese. Mainly made with chopped cabbage, pickled ginger, eggs, flour, water and a Japanese root named nagaimo (na-guy-mo). If you can't find nagaimo, that's ok, but it's best to use it since it's the heat and "glue" of this dish.

Extras like like cheese, shrimp, mochi and onions can be used. I used slices of pork as a base topping. The main toppings are okono sauce (a fruit and vegetable sauce), bonito flakes, aonori (a green seaweed powder) and some mayonnaise. Okonomiyaki is pan grilled with a little bit of oil. It's cooked until it is very firm, has dry edges and is not sticky in the inside. It takes experience to flip the pancake back and forth. If the mixture isn't right, the form can break and crumble.
You can customize okonomiyaki with almost any ingredient. It's a great and easy Japanese dish!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daikon Chicken

Daikon chicken! This Japanese dish consists of chicken, daikon, eggs, green onions, mirin, soy sauce, bonito flakes, sugar, water and sake. Oishii!


Since I moved here, earlier this year, I've been taking beginning web design courses at Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program. I just finished my final project, Petri Design, a test site. I'm pretty new to CSS so I've decided to create a simple 3 column layout with minimal clutter. I apologize for the pop ups! As far as I know my CSS is valid, but the ad banners are not (which HAD to come with the free hosting). Once I find a job I WILL buy a better hosting service.

I'll also be redesigning its layout to test out other techniques in CSS web design. That'll be another summer project! In the past, I've been posting work on my Coroflot page. My goal is to start designing my own pages. The final project wasn't easy. I had to code several times over and do a lot of cross browser testing. I struggled with doing a PHP photo gallery, but left it out because I couldn't get the coding right. I have to do more research on PHP. Got any links to tutorials on PHP or CSS photo galleries?

I've found a lot of tutorials through Twitter. Follow me, petridesign and check out what else I've been up to. Folks I've been following are posting job listings and inspiring links!

My Clay Buddy

So this blogger thing replaces the pink-flowered, heart-stamped diary I used to have (which my cousin read out loud at a party one time). I was so angry at him, I ran out with my large, stuffed rabbit onto the front lawn and cried. Oh well, that was a long time ago. Glad to be here!

Anyways, I'm using this to post progress on multiple projects of mine and gain feedback from professionals (like you). I've always been interested in character design. I'm trying to spruce up my drawing skills and study anatomy on my own time. This past weekend, I've been working on an anatomy armature made from floral wire, aluminum wire and Klean Klay. I started on this sculpture last year, but it's been collecting dust, until now. The left over clay's been in my closet since 2007. It's crazy! The clay still works well!

I know that some elements may seem larger than others, but they'll be adjusted once I lay down layers of muscle. I'm having trouble working with the skull because it's less than 2 inches high and my fat fingers/tools are delicately poking it. I plan to make a much larger, separate model of just the skull so I can work more details into it. In the mean time I have to keep working on this one!